Water Filtering and Cleanliness Resources by Marianne

How to Keep your Drinking, Cooking, Body and House Cleaning Water Clean

Hola! It’s been a long time since I last blogged here. I hope my update finds you all healthy and striving!

Lately I have been researching about the level of cleanliness concerning water we drink in our houses and not only. The water we cook with, the water we wash our clothes in the laundry, the water we take baths with, the water in our fridge etc.

Sharing what I learned from Wikipedia Water Filters Page here.

In addition, I found the following resources (in English) on Academia.edu, you can take a look next and get educated about water treatment next: https://www.academia.edu/Documents/in/Water_Treatment

George Margiolos, Primato Company’s owner, imports water filters from USA has also made a Greek presentation that shares what happened in Michigan with the water crisis.

Φίλτρα Νερού Θεσσαλονίκη Primato Hellas Presentation. Access more updates in Greek for healthy and clean water on Facebook page Filtra Nerou.


My Get-Away Trip to Greece After My Break Up and Numerous Court Sessions

So I will try to sum it up ladies… Ten years before I met Patrick during my college graduation ceremony while me, my friends and family were celebrating.

We were at the bar – restaurant and Patrick came towards me and introduced himself to me, full of charm and confidence and sweetness. Like a true gentleman. He then congratulated me after asking my name and other stuff you ask someone you have just met.

Love at first sight…

We kept talking and talking and having drinks together and suddenly it was like the world had stopped and the only ones moving were just the two of us.

We immediately bonded and that lead to a very intimate relationship for the next 8 years of our life together. During the 8th year of our relationship I got pregnant and as such we decided to get married. Me and Patrick never took marriage seriously for us only love mattered but due to the upcoming child and our parents “You must get married” “advice” we went for it.

At the 9th month due to an unexpected complication, we lost the baby. I can’t explain the feeling of having grown a new person inside me for so long, the anxiety to finally see her face and all the wonderful feelings that mothehrhood offers to a woman.

Long story short, I was devastated and so was my x-husband. It took me two years to fully recover from depression and this was the reason that we never managed to have another baby these two years after I lost Lilly, just a little bit before I’d meet her.

Patrick lost interest in me like a lover and a woman. I don’t blame him. Life must move on after all as hard as it seems to be for some people. Patrick moved on with another woman that was in a better emotional state and more willing to start a new family with him.

We had some disagreements during our divorce procedures and we spent many hours in court meetings to manage all the details. We broke up finally in a friendly way.

And Life Moves on…

So I had nothing to wait for and had nearly lost my partner but truly understood his desire to start fresh with someone else. It was time for me to move on and just do the same, see the world.

From when I was a little girl, I had a dream to go and see Greece. This was the right time for me, since I was feeling completely empty and full with desire for a fresh start, new experiences, see the beauties of the world that are so far away!

So I did. During January, I booked tickets and visited Greece! I also happened to have a Facebook friend from Athens Greece that I could see and show me around.

Places I visited in Greece

  • Santorini – Words are not Enough! I Fell in love with the Place!

My next honey moon is SO GOING TO BE IN SANTORINI, GREECE!!!

Just take a look…

  • Athens Acropolis Museum and other ancient sightseeings

  • Thessaloniki – the White Tower

What can I say. I met so many great people, friendly and kind and very eager to spend a good time with me and show me the beauties all around. The food is simply amazing…

I could stay there forever. Who knows… One day I may will!

Next time i will take someone special with me. These experiences are meant to shared and cherished for a lifetime.

Life went on…

To be continued…


Hi this is Marianne! Welcome to my landscape art studio website-blog.

Excuse me for the poor blog design, I have just now started to learn how to blog and I run into wordpress free tutorial so I grabbed the chance haha. I got the WordPress default theme but I see there are so many others I can use?

It seems I have so much more to learn! If you have any tips for improvement feel free to hit me up through the contact form :). What would you suggest I should add to my blog?

> Landcape Art Youtube Video Playlist with classical sounds.

This is the place where we will share information about landscape design miracles, art and artists’ related information as well as tips for home improvement in order to add a quality note to your every day lifestyle and reality. Welcome to my landscape art studio website.


We hope you enjoy the whole thing! 🙂

Learn more about landscape design next: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Landscape_design

Watch this inspiring video with us from “Fine Art Reproductions” YouTube channel :).

Stubbs – A Grey Stallion In a Landscape | Art Reproduction Oil Painting


Painting Reproduction with Oil on Canvas
Performer: http://www.TOPofART.com Art Reproductions Studio
Painting Title: A Grey Stallion In a Landscape, c.1765
Artist: George Stubbs (1724-1806)
Art Movement: Romanticism
Location: Private Collection

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