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Carole Towne

Lemax Carole Towne "Lighted Village Moon" dual power - extends - 12" tall - NIB




Wee Peoples Day Car Carole Towne collection


2005 Lemax/Carole Towne/Village "MISTLETOE KISS". RARE! NIP!!


Lemax Carole Towne The Cha-Cha Animated Carnival Ride w/ Box Excellent One Owner


Carole Towne Savannah Bed and Breakfast Lighted 2011 New !!


2005 Lemax Carole Towne "Handbell Choir" NIP! Three Church Bell ringers


Lemax Carole Towne “The Cigar Shop” 2001 Collection Christmas Village House EUC


2004 Lemax Carole Towne "SPOTLIGHTS". Set of 2 & battery operated NIP!!


Le Max Woodland Animals Carole Towne Collection #003117 Christmas Village NIP


Retired Lemax Carole Town "DUNK IN' BOOTH" Resin Dunk Tank Splash Summer Fun


2006 Lemax Carole Towne "Santa's Wonderland" #031240 Entrance Gate


Carole towne


2004 Lemax Carole Towne "Holland House" EUC!! Popular Village Piece


Lemax Carole Towne Junior Flight School Animated Carnival Ride #156416 One Owner


Reduced! 2002 Lemax Carole Towne "The General Mercantile" EUC! -3D Classic piece


Dog Walker Carole Towne Collection Lemax Christmas Collectible


Lemax Carole Towne "Woodland Animals, Mr & Mrs Moose, Deer & Fawns" fox 3 sets


Lemax Carole Towne Collection Holiday Treasures Christmas Shops


LEMAX Carole Towne “The Tea Cups” Animated Christmas Carnival Ride~


2004 Lemax Carole Towne "Officer Spratt Makes Way" NIP! Village figurine


Lemax Carole Towne The Dalton House 2001 Collection | Original Box | EUC


Lemax Carole Towne Collection 2008 Salt Water Taffy Stand Table Accent


Lemax Village The Village Hotel Carole Towne 2000 Collection


Lemax/Carole Towne/Village/Train OCEAN MAT" 18"x48" LARGE in tube


Carole Towne The 2005 Collection Cape Liberty Light House Christmas Village


2002 Lemax Carole Towne "City Newstand" Puppy, people, flags -Rare!! EUC!!


Lemax The Zinger Carole Towne Village Carnival Collection 2008 In Box


Lemax Carole Towne Series "Fresh Water Taffy Booth"


Carole Towne Set of 3 Frolic in the Snow New Lowes Christmas Village 201349


Lemax Carole Towne Series "Willie's Shoe Shine Booth"


Lemax Carole Towne Christmas Village 3-D View Inside Cameron House


Carole Towne Junior Flight School Carnival Ride Animated Musical Lights Lemax


LEMAX 2009 Retired Carole Towne Subway Entrance Village Accessory


Lemax Carole Towne Village "Boy With Horse" NIP! 2.25"W x 2"H Cream color horse


2003 Lemax Carole Towne "Frolic In The Snow"


Reduced!! 2004 Lemax Carole Towne "Langley House! EUC! Excellent!


Lemax Carole Towne State Theater 2006 lighted, beautiful, good condition


Carole Towne Lemax Subway Entrance


NEW Harbor Fire Rescue Boat Lemax Carole Towne HTF Lighted 2008 xmas Village NIB


Lemax Carole Towne Collection Set of 2 Wooden Docks Set 14642 Christmas Village